headshot of Mary Jo Bremner, Member of the Board of Public Education.

Mary Jo Bremner

PO Box 193

Browning, MT 59417


Mary Jo Bremner is a member of the Blackfeet Tribe, a descendant of Mountain Chief, and her Blackfeet name is Pretty Blanket Woman. One of twelve children, her parents Robert and Rita Bremner stressed the value of education and instilled a strong sense of service to those in need. Mary Jo was born and raised in the Browning area.  After graduating from Browning High School, she lived in Billings, MT and Oklahoma City, OK before returning to Browning and beginning a 28 year love affair with teaching young people at Browning High School history and government.

Mary Jo has a passion for history, especially regional history and its influence on people's sense of place, time, and identity, along with the influence of local history and its impact on people and where they live. History bodes well for her love of reading and her desire to impart both the passion for history and love of reading to her students. Mary Jo has one other passion: golf. Enough said.

Mary Jo holds a Master's degree in Education from the University of Montana as well as numerous post graduate credits in History. She has two Bachelors Degrees from Montana State University Billings in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling, and in Secondary Education: History and Psychology. She has been the President of the local teacher's union for the past 14 years and has worked with the MEA-MFT in minority affairs. She has served on the Variance to Standards Board with the Office of Public Instruction for the past two years and has worked on many other endeavors involving school improvement.

She has two wonderful sons, four grandsons, and five foster grandsons with whom she would like to spend more time with, but they live in Houston, Texas and Miles City, Montana and she does not get to see them as much as she would like.