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1080 W US Highway 212

Broadus, MT 59317


Jesse and his wife Connie live on the same family ranch near Broadus that his parents purchased from homesteaders who had given up to hard times in the early 1930s.Jesse has recently retired from teaching at the Broadus School System after 41 years as a reading specialist and history instructor but is still raising hay and cattle.Connie, recently named Montana Art Teacher of the Year, is still teaching.

Jesse has served on many local and county boards as well as serving multiple times as Broadus Education Association President.On a state level he served as Chair of MEA/MFT Region 8 and was on the MEA/MFT Board of Directors as it transitioned into MFPE.He has been a long-time member of Freemasonry holding all local offices and was appointed Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of Montana for the year 2011.Jesse was selected locally as “Teacher of the Year” and was runner up finalist for the1994 Montana Statehood Centennial Bell Award for the teaching of Montana History.He feels it is a great privilege and honor to currently be serving on the Montana Board of Public Education.

Entering the political arena and running for the state legislature was one of Jesse's most interesting endeavors.The dark money he encountered was certainly offset by meeting hundreds of great people as he knocked on doors.

He also feels extremely fortunate to have had a vocation where he was able to work with thousands of young people, meet and become friends with great teachers statewide, and experience the inner-workings of the foundation of our society.

Jesse and Connie feel very fortunate to see the wonderful benefits of public education in their children.Erika, a former merit scholar, is head research librarian for Capella University.Elliott has a Doctorate in Microbiology, is an adjunct professor at MSU, and is employed by USGS.Emilee with a master’s in nursing is employed at the Montana State Prison.Jeanne, a former marketing analyst, is a volunteer school aide.It is our great pleasure to spend time with our seven grandchildren.