Board of Public Education


The Single Best Thing: Mentoring Beginning Teachers.

A manual for Program Designers and Participants

The Single Best Thing was developed as a self-help manual for districts and schools wishing to investigate or implement a beginning teacher mentoring support program. The manual describes one model of mentoring that was researched in thirty-five Montana schools from the periods 1992-1995 under the title "Beginning Teacher Support Program."

Who Will Teach Montana's Children?

The report "Who Will Teach Montana's Children? 2002 Follow-Up Study" by Dori Burns Nielson, Ed. D. was presented to the Certification Standards and Practices Advisory Council of the Montana Board of Public Education in July 2002.

Professional Development for Educators in Montana

The purpose of the study resides in this interest: it is to compile the information necessary to implement a statewide professional development program for Montana. June 21, 2001

Inquiry into the Preparation of Elementary and Secondary Educators in Montana

This report to the Montana Certification Standards and Practices Advisory Council describes the results of a two year series of interviews of practicing elementary and secondary educators in Montana. The objective of the project was "to gain first-hand feedback from practicing teachers as to the relevance of their formal training in preparing them to teach independent of where that teaching was received. The results are to be used to provide information to assist in developing state policy in the areas of teacher preparation and certification."

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