Board of Public Education


The Board of Public Education is currently undertaking the revision of several Administrative Rules under Title 10. To make public comment or view the rulemaking timeline, please see below. 

ARM Title 10, Chapter 57, Educator Licensure Standards

Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Amendment


ARM Title 10, Chapter 56, Assessment Standards

Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Amendment


*The Board of Public Education may revise the above dates, based on the requirements of the Montana Administrative Procedure Act and the rulemaking statutes.*


10.51  Organizational Rule

10.52  Procedural Rules

10.53  Content Standards

10.54  General Provisions

           Subchapter 9: Early Literacy Targeted Interventions 2024 List of Approved Screening Tools

10.55  Standards of Accreditation

           Rule 10.55.905(2)(c) and (2)(h) have a delayed effective date of July 1, 2025.

10.56  Assessment

10.57  Educator Licensure

10.58  Professional Educator Preparation Program Standards

10.59  School for the Deaf and Blind Foundation

10.60  Special Education

10.61  Montana School for the Deaf and Blind

10.62  Fire Services Training School

10.63  Early Childhood Education

10.64  Transportation

            Montana School Bus Standards

10.65  Hours and Days of Instruction

10.66  Adult Secondary Education Credentials

10.67  Policy Establishing State Aid Distribution School for Public School Districts

10.68  Policy Establishing Educational Media Library


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