Board of Public Education




1.  Community, family, and parental engagement with local school system.

Goal 1: MACIE will advocate for and alongside communities, families, parents, and school systems that serve NA/AI student populations with the intent of recognizing the impact of historical trauma while promoting efforts to ensure save, secure, and stable educational environments where students and parents feel welcome and supported.

2.  School programs targeting systemic racism, disparate discipline, student achievement, historical trauma.

Goal 2: MACIE will encourage the adoption of school-based programming which addresses the presence of systemic racism and the associated disparate discipline of NA/AI students in public schools, with the intent of supporting efforts focused on exploring the impact these conditions have upon student achievement.

3.  Culture, language, and culturally relevant curriculum.

Goal 3:  MACIE will act as an advocate for the meaningful integration of culture and indigenous language in Montana schools by promoting the adoption of culturally relevant curriculum and instruction in support of the expression of NA/AI students self-identity and self-actualization.

4.  Equitable access to virtual teaching-learning platforms and connectivity.

Goal 4: MACIE supports community programs that are focused on providing equitable access for NA/AI students to technological resources and internet connectivity within rural communities and school systems in response to the growing demand for the integration of virtual teaching and learning.

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