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On January 23, 2024, the Montana Community Choice Schools Commission (MCCSC) passed a motion to form a Rulemaking/Policy Development subcommittee that would use a public Steering Committee to help guide its work. The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide the Rulemaking/Policy Development Choice Commission Subcommittee with constructive feedback to improve policy development related to authorizing Choice Schools and Authorizers.   

Steering Committee Scope of Work

The Steering Committee will provide strategic feedback to support the MCCSC’s implementation of policies and documents that will enable high-quality Choice Schools and high-quality authorizers to establish in the state of MontanaIdeally, the Steering Committee will provide diverse perspectives of various education stakeholders/member of civil society including but not limited to parents, teachers, education and social entrepreneurs, taxpayers, school administrators, trustees, business owners, and national charter-specific experts 

Steering Committee members will serve through December of 2024. The Steering Committee will review and provide feedback on the Application, Performance Frameworks, Contract, Proposal Review and Approval Policy for Choice Schools. Additionally, the Steering Committee will review and provide feedback on the Application, Contract, Proposal Review, and Approval Policy for Authorizers.  

Steering Committee Members

Steering Committee Meeting Dates

(request zoom link at to join the webinar)

May 29, 2024   9:00-11:00AM   Zoom Webinar   Agenda   Agenda Packet   Recording



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