Board of Public Education



  1. Exercise the Board’s constitutional and statutory authority to improve Montana’s education system
    • Work with constitutional education authorities to ensure they understand and respect the constitutional authority of the Board of Public Education. 
    • Collaborate with constitutional education authorities around initiatives to improve and support public education in Montana.
    • Promote and maintain a transparent and open public participation process.
  2. Promote a safe learning environment.
    • Work with education partners to help school districts navigate federal and state regulations and funding.
    • Assign the Executive Director to participate in the Montana School Safety Advisory Committee meetings.
  3. Evaluate and adopt the Board’s accreditation standards to ensure they are contemporary and effective to improve quality education for all Montana students.
    • Maintain the Board’s commitment to rigorous standards and assessments, and support flexibilities within the current frameworks.
    • Collaborate with education partners in support of drafting and implementing state standards, including efforts around licensing, content, transportation, assessment, accreditation, educator preparation programs, and other standards under the Board of Public Education’s authority.
  4. Foster quality teaching and administration.
    • Work with legislators and other entities to ensure they understand the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Public Education.
    • Adopt revisions to the Administrative Rules of Montana that are within the Board of Public Education’s authority.
    • Work with partners in P-12 and higher education to coordinate recruitment and retention efforts of teachers, staff, and school leaders.
    • Receive guidance from professional education organizations and take action on their recommendations, when appropriate.
  5. Support the preparation of all Montana students for employment, post-secondary education, and civic life.
    • Work to support and expand pathways to career and life success through dual enrollment, internships, work-based learning, etc.
    • Collaborate with the Montana Digital Academy to support online instruction for students, and assign the Executive Director to serve on the Montana Digital Academy Governing Board.
    • Plan and prepare for the Board of Education meetings to support P-20 priorities and adopt a unified education budget.
    • Receive guidance from the Montana Advisory Council on Indian Education and take action on their recommendations when appropriate.
  6. Recognize and fulfill the Board’s statutory obligation to the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind.
    • Hire, support, and evaluate the Superintendent of the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind (MSDB).
    • Support and take action on personnel items, out of state travel requests, policies, and other items.
    • Assign the Executive Director and MSDB liaison to participate in the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind Foundation meetings.


Per the requirements in HB 190 (2023), the Board of Public Education is required to publish an Annual Agency Plan.

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