Board of Public Education
Jane Lee Hamman

Jane Lee Hamman

PO BOX 164
Clancy, MT 59634

Jane’s mantra is expanding freedom, knowledge and justice so that everyone, especially children and youth, may learn self-understanding, be centered in who they are and develop the confidence and skills to reach their full potential. She brings knowledge and experience with state budgets, the legislative process and the big picture of K-20 school systems that will complement and actuate the professional expertise of educators in fulfilling the Board’s mission and in contributing to the Board of Education’s long-range planning and coordination responsibilities. Jane is deeply honored to be appointed by Governor Greg Gianforte and excited to serve on the Board.

She worked as a legislative fiscal analyst with the MUS, colleges, research and development units and other agencies, followed by 16 years in the Governor’s Office of Budget and Program Planning as an analyst and assistant budget director working with the 36 state agencies, their budget priorities, legislation and building needs, and staffing the Long-Range Planning Subcommittee, including projects to save Virginia City, develop and implement the Treasure State Endowment Program and multi-session restoration of the Capitol.

With a broad range of experiences, Jane received a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and history magna cum laude from Carroll University, a Master’s degree in organization and public policy from Columbia University and Syracuse University. Earlier employment was at Cook County Welfare Department, as planning-allocations director of the United Way of Central New York and executive director of the Council on Child Abuse and Neglect in Columbia, SC. Always active in numerous church, civic and community volunteer services, in 2019 Jane was honored to receive the Montana Library Association Jane Lopp Trustee of the Year award and the National Society Sons of the American Revolution Lydia Darragh Award and to be elected Honorary State Regent of the Montana Society Daughters of the American Revolution for her 2016-2019 regency service and project providing patriotic education boxes to 240 one-room and other small schools in Montana.

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