Board of Public Education


The Certification Standards and Practices Advisory Council was established by the Montana Legislature in 1987. Its members are appointed by the Board of Public Education. Members serve three year terms.


The mission of the Certification Standards and Practices Advisory Council is to study and to make recommendations to the Board of Public Education on certification issues concerning teachers, administrators and specialists; professional standards and ethical conduct; the status and efficacy of approved educator preparation programs in Montana; and policies related to the denial, suspension, and revocation of educator certification and the appeals process.

The Council has seven members. The membership must include:

  • one elementary teacher (K-8)
  • one secondary teacher (9-12)
  • one specialist or K-12 specialist
  • one additional teacher representative from any of the above categories
  • one faculty member from an approved educator preparation program offered by an accredited teacher education institution
  • one school administrator
  • one school district trustee


In 1989 an act of the Montana legislature designated $4 of each yearly certification fee for the operation of the Council. In 1991, the legislature raised the yearly certification fee to $6 and statutorily appropriated the remaining $2 of the fee for a research fund. This fund is to be used by the Council to provide research on the issues before the Council.


The Council elects its own officers and meets quarterly to conduct its business. All meetings are open to the public and are frequently attended by members of professional organizations. Once a year, the Council meets on the campus of a Montana college which offers an educator preparation program. The Council encourages educators to attend CSPAC meetings and to voice their questions and concerns on certification issues in Montana.

In addition to the work of the Council's staff, technical assistance is provided by the staff of the Office of Public Instruction.

The Council researches various issues, writes draft administrative rules and provides recommendations for policy changes to the Board of Public Education. In addition to its own projects, the Council considers matters referred by educators, professional organizations, the Office of Public Instruction, and Montana citizens.


The Council studies and makes recommendations in the following areas:

  • certification standards.
  • educator preparation programs in Montana.
  • standards for professional practices and ethical conduct.
  • policies on suspension, denial and revocation of teaching certificates.

Please view the current Professional Educators of Montana Code of Ethics.


Educational organizations, agencies, or individuals may request, via email ( that the Council consider an issue affecting the certification of teachers or administrators in Montana. Certification includes teacher preparation; standards for certification; standards for professional practices and ethical conduct; and policies on suspension, revocation, and denial of certificates.

All requests must be received 20 days prior to a Council meeting if the item is to be placed on the Council's agenda for consideration.

Educational organizations, agencies, or individuals that submit requests for the addition of new certification endorsements are required to schedule formal presentations of these proposals to the Council's Certification and Endorsement Committee.

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